I'm tired of that. madmutt needs a glibc, so what...
authorPierre Habouzit <madcoder@debian.org>
Thu, 17 May 2007 21:58:04 +0000 (23:58 +0200)
committerPierre Habouzit <madcoder@debian.org>
Thu, 17 May 2007 21:58:04 +0000 (23:58 +0200)
I'm tired of that. madmutt needs a glibc, so what...

Signed-off-by: Pierre Habouzit <madcoder@debian.org>
58 files changed:
ABOUT-NLS [deleted file]
intl/ChangeLog [deleted file]
intl/VERSION [deleted file]
intl/bindtextdom.c [deleted file]
intl/config.charset [deleted file]
intl/dcgettext.c [deleted file]
intl/dcigettext.c [deleted file]
intl/dcngettext.c [deleted file]
intl/dgettext.c [deleted file]
intl/dngettext.c [deleted file]
intl/eval-plural.h [deleted file]
intl/explodename.c [deleted file]
intl/export.h [deleted file]
intl/finddomain.c [deleted file]
intl/gettext.c [deleted file]
intl/gettextP.h [deleted file]
intl/gmo.h [deleted file]
intl/hash-string.c [deleted file]
intl/hash-string.h [deleted file]
intl/intl-compat.c [deleted file]
intl/intl-exports.c [deleted file]
intl/l10nflist.c [deleted file]
intl/langprefs.c [deleted file]
intl/libgnuintl.h.in [deleted file]
intl/loadinfo.h [deleted file]
intl/loadmsgcat.c [deleted file]
intl/localcharset.c [deleted file]
intl/localcharset.h [deleted file]
intl/locale.alias [deleted file]
intl/localealias.c [deleted file]
intl/localename.c [deleted file]
intl/lock.c [deleted file]
intl/lock.h [deleted file]
intl/log.c [deleted file]
intl/ngettext.c [deleted file]
intl/os2compat.c [deleted file]
intl/os2compat.h [deleted file]
intl/osdep.c [deleted file]
intl/plural-exp.c [deleted file]
intl/plural-exp.h [deleted file]
intl/plural.c [deleted file]
intl/plural.y [deleted file]
intl/printf-args.c [deleted file]
intl/printf-args.h [deleted file]
intl/printf-parse.c [deleted file]
intl/printf-parse.h [deleted file]
intl/printf.c [deleted file]
intl/ref-add.sin [deleted file]
intl/ref-del.sin [deleted file]
intl/relocatable.c [deleted file]
intl/relocatable.h [deleted file]
intl/textdomain.c [deleted file]
intl/vasnprintf.c [deleted file]
intl/vasnprintf.h [deleted file]
intl/vasnwprintf.h [deleted file]
intl/version.c [deleted file]
intl/wprintf-parse.h [deleted file]
intl/xsize.h [deleted file]