prepare easy use of D.
[apps/madmutt.git] / CMakeLists.txt
2007-11-17 Pierre Habouzitprepare easy use of D.
2007-11-17 Pierre HabouzitForce the use of libncursesw
2007-11-13 Pierre Habouzitmove browser in the lib-ui
2007-11-10 Pierre HabouzitImport madtty, use it to deal with colors from now...
2007-11-07 Pierre HabouzitThe NNTP patch is a joke, let's drop it altogether.
2007-09-23 Pierre HabouzitAdd proper dflags
2007-09-23 Pierre HabouzitImport cmaked
2007-08-18 Pierre HabouzitBetter way to wrap pkg-config (IMNSHO)
2007-08-16 Pierre HabouzitRewrite is_from efficiently, and put it in lib-mime...
2007-08-15 Pierre HabouzitUse liblockfile, no need for dotlock anymore.
2007-08-11 Pierre HabouzitDrop mixmaster support. I don't like people caring...
2007-08-11 Pierre HabouzitRemove support for antiquated ncurses libraries. Assume...
2007-08-11 Pierre Habouzitget rid of slang
2007-05-28 Pierre HabouzitUpdate po files and build system wrt it.
2007-05-27 Pierre Habouzitmerge all nntp code in nntp.c and move it toplevel
2007-05-26 Pierre HabouzitESMTP is utterly broken, and pulls OpenSSL.
2007-05-26 Pierre Habouzitvarious fixes and simplifications wrt openssl.h
2007-05-25 Pierre Habouzitmerge send_smtp module into sendlib where it really...
2007-05-24 Pierre Habouzitlittle fix
2007-05-23 Pierre Habouzitbase64 implementation from madmutt--.
2007-05-19 Pierre Habouzitmove gen_defs into tools where it belongs
2007-05-19 Pierre HabouzitMove score_* to mod_score
2007-05-18 Pierre Habouzitslightly less hackish way to generate files, I'm still...
2007-05-18 Pierre Habouzitalways enable NLS, screw'em
2007-05-18 Pierre Habouzitsmall updates.
2007-05-18 Pierre Habouzitlast tweaks
2007-05-18 Pierre Habouzitmake configuration script slightly better.
2007-05-17 Pierre Habouzitfew tweaks about changed defines.
2007-05-17 Pierre HabouzitCheckStructMember to check for dirent.d_ino
2007-05-17 Pierre HabouzitEXIT AUTOCRAP \o/