drop GSS as well, users will have to use correctly configured sasl.
[apps/madmutt.git] / imap / Makefile.am
2007-05-12 Pierre Habouzitdrop GSS as well, users will have to use correctly...
2007-05-12 Pierre HabouzitImpose the use of SASL2, so that we can drop a lot...
2007-03-26 Pierre Habouzitupdate source to use our brand new source generator...
2006-11-18 Pierre Habouzitremove mx_{pop,nntp,imap}.[hc]
2006-11-16 Pierre Habouzitconfigure fixes.
2006-10-28 Pierre Habouzitforce our cflags in subdirs as well.
2005-04-06 pdmefRocco Rutte:
2005-03-19 pdmefRocco Rutte:
2005-01-07 ak1Initial import of mutt-ng.