Use good m_ functions, because it smell like a flower, version 2.
[apps/madmutt.git] / intl /
2006-10-29 Pierre Habouzitmore updates in the build system, gettext related.
2006-10-29 Pierre Habouzitupdate gettext copy.
2006-10-28 Pierre Habouzitforce our cflags in subdirs as well.
2006-10-27 Pierre Habouzitthe “I found my first real bug” commit.
2006-04-04 pdmefFrom: Arnaud Lacombe <>
2005-08-22 pdmefRocco Rutte:
2005-08-22 pdmefRocco Rutte:
2005-08-08 pdmefRocco Rutte:
2005-01-17 ak1Andreas Krennmair:
2005-01-08 ak1Andreas Krennmair:
2005-01-07 ak1Initial import of mutt-ng.