More buffer functions.
[apps/madmutt.git] / lib-lib / buffer.c
2008-01-11 Pierre HabouzitMore buffer functions.
2007-05-27 Pierre HabouzitSmall fixes.
2007-05-27 Pierre Habouzitadd printf-like primitive to the buffers.
2007-05-13 Pierre Habouzitrationalize the hcache patch.
2006-12-14 Pierre Habouzitimplement $-vars substitution.
2006-12-09 Pierre Habouzitpreliminary work for the configuration parser.
2006-11-17 Pierre Habouzitrationnalize includes a lot:
2006-11-16 Pierre Habouzitsort out some prototypes, put them where they belong.
2006-11-13 Pierre Habouzitremove most of the debug code: often makes the code...
2006-11-13 Pierre Habouzita whole lot of size_t -> ssize_t.
2006-11-11 Pierre Habouzitmove debug.c
2006-11-04 Pierre Habouzitdrop the old string API fully.
2006-10-30 Pierre Habouzitreplace SKIPWS with a proper inline func with the right...
2006-10-29 Pierre Habouzitmove buffer.[hc] into lib-lib/