Evtloop fixes.
[apps/madmutt.git] / lib-sys / evtloop.c
2008-01-13 Pierre HabouzitEvtloop fixes.
2008-01-13 Pierre HabouzitNew way to connect a job_t.
2008-01-13 Pierre HabouzitHave a way to wait until a worker state changes.
2008-01-13 Pierre HabouzitMove the threading stuff in the evtloop module.
2008-01-12 Pierre HabouzitMove the event loop to evtloop.c, and wake up sleeping...
2008-01-12 Pierre Habouzithave an array of all started jobs
2008-01-11 Pierre HabouzitHave an event loop thread.
2008-01-11 Pierre HabouzitAdd starttls
2008-01-11 Pierre Habouzitssf is useful for sasl
2008-01-11 Pierre Habouzitmore support for gnutls
2008-01-11 Pierre Habouzitannotations, indent
2008-01-11 Pierre Habouzitrefactor read function, implement write.
2008-01-11 Pierre HabouzitHave an el_job_read function.
2008-01-11 Pierre Habouzitmore job functions
2008-01-11 Pierre HabouzitLay off the ground of our very efficient event loop.