wmove + wclrtobot is werase.
[apps/madmutt.git] / lib-ui / layout.c
2007-11-08 Pierre Habouzitwmove + wclrtobot is werase.
2007-11-07 Pierre HabouzitLINES - 1 is the status bar, living on stdscr.
2007-08-14 Pierre HabouzitDisable many "stupid" CLI options or some that will...
2007-08-13 Pierre HabouzitMove the rest of mutt "things" into a window as well.
2007-08-13 Pierre HabouzitMake layout windows visible, makes the whole thing...
2007-08-11 Pierre HabouzitNow I know why : it causes flickering
2007-08-11 Pierre HabouzitMake the sidebar live in a proper independent window.