New way to connect a job_t.
[apps/madmutt.git] / po / nl.po
2007-11-07 Pierre Habouzitpo update
2007-08-12 Pierre HabouzitCleanse po/* directory a bit
2007-05-28 Pierre Habouzitremove dead strings.
2007-05-28 Pierre HabouzitUpdate po files and build system wrt it.
2006-11-26 Pierre Habouzitbuild system tweaks.
2006-11-04 Pierre Habouzitmake update-po and fix uk.po
2006-10-29 Pierre Habouzitmore updates in the build system, gettext related.
2005-10-07 pdmefRocco Rutte:
2005-08-13 pdmefRocco Rutte:
2005-07-27 pdmefRocco Rutte:
2005-04-02 pdmefRocco Rutte:
2005-03-13 pdmefRocco Rutte:
2005-02-13 ak1Andreas Krennmair:
2005-02-01 ak1Andreas Krennmair:
2005-01-07 ak1Initial import of mutt-ng.