2007-11-19 Pierre Habouzitcatch gpgme errors, it's better.
2007-11-19 Cyril BruleboisFix empty inline GPG messages: Enable LFS so that madmu...
2007-11-18 Pierre HabouzitWe don't need a function for mutt_make_version().
2007-11-18 Pierre Habouzitspurious "sleep"s
2007-11-18 Pierre HabouzitOP_VERSION is useless.
2007-11-17 Pierre Habouzitprepare easy use of D.
2007-11-17 Pierre HabouzitForce the use of libncursesw
2007-11-13 Pierre Habouzitmove browser in the lib-ui
2007-11-12 Pierre HabouzitAssume default colors are white on black for xterm...
2007-11-11 Pierre Habouzitwibble
2007-11-11 Pierre Habouzitmutt_enter_string is only used for _mutt_get_field...
2007-11-11 Pierre Habouzitmutt_enter_string wasn't used anymore.
2007-11-11 Pierre HabouzitUse ncurses or go away.
2007-11-11 Pierre Habouzitdead code
2007-11-10 Pierre HabouzitFix madmutt for stupid terms with only 64 colors.
2007-11-10 Pierre HabouzitEvent better: have an ACS_HLINE to erase status line.
2007-11-10 Pierre Habouzitdon't keep the header for now.
2007-11-10 Pierre HabouzitEmbed vim into madmutt. Yeah _IN_ madmutt.
2007-11-10 Pierre Habouzitdead code
2007-11-10 Pierre HabouzitWHAT_KEY has better equivalents in other tools.
2007-11-10 Pierre Habouzitstreamline headers
2007-11-10 Pierre HabouzitDrop sidebar.h
2007-11-10 Pierre HabouzitTerminals without color are from another era.
2007-11-10 Pierre HabouzitMono-only terminals are from another century.
2007-11-10 Pierre HabouzitImport madtty, use it to deal with colors from now...
2007-11-10 Pierre HabouzitBetter curses init.
2007-11-09 Pierre Habouzitbuild tools on configure
2007-11-08 Pierre HabouzitUse mutt_multi_choice in flags.c
2007-11-08 Pierre Habouzitwmove + wclrtobot is werase.
2007-11-08 Pierre HabouzitUseless CLEARLINE(stdscr, LINES - 1)
2007-11-07 Pierre HabouzitLINES - 1 is the status bar, living on stdscr.
2007-11-07 Pierre HabouzitSimplifications.
2007-11-07 Pierre HabouzitMore lightweight boxen
2007-11-07 Pierre Habouzitfix spurious encoding issue in de.po
2007-11-07 Pierre Habouzitpo update
2007-11-07 Pierre HabouzitFix compilation issues.
2007-11-07 Pierre Habouzitfix inlines issues with gperf by stripping them out
2007-11-07 Pierre HabouzitThe NNTP patch is a joke, let's drop it altogether.
2007-11-07 Cyril BruleboisFix dereferencing for the mutt_hcache_close calls....
2007-09-23 Pierre HabouzitAdd proper dflags
2007-09-23 Pierre HabouzitImport cmaked
2007-08-27 Pierre HabouzitThanks Julien :)
2007-08-18 Pierre Habouzitproper parameter
2007-08-18 Pierre HabouzitBetter way to wrap pkg-config (IMNSHO)
2007-08-16 Pierre HabouzitRemove the time module alltogether.
2007-08-16 Pierre Habouzitget rid of Months.
2007-08-16 Pierre HabouzitRewrite is_from efficiently, and put it in lib-mime...
2007-08-16 Pierre HabouzitAlso support missing seconds.
2007-08-16 Pierre HabouzitUse str[pf]time.
2007-08-15 Pierre HabouzitHide useless public api
2007-08-15 Pierre Habouzitsimplifications
2007-08-15 Pierre Habouzitfixes, cosmetics
2007-08-15 Pierre HabouzitSimplifications.
2007-08-15 Pierre HabouzitMissing return.
2007-08-15 Pierre HabouzitUse liblockfile, no need for dotlock anymore.
2007-08-15 Pierre HabouzitSimplification
2007-08-15 Pierre HabouzitAlways resort, redraw, ... whatever when we change...
2007-08-15 Pierre Habouzitwibble
2007-08-15 Pierre Habouzitwibble.
2007-08-15 Pierre HabouzitEven less options.
2007-08-15 Pierre Habouzitleftover
2007-08-14 Pierre Habouzitsimplfications
2007-08-14 Pierre HabouzitRemove lots of useless stupid, and code greedy options.
2007-08-14 Julien DanjouSimplify account.c a little
2007-08-14 Pierre HabouzitSimplifications.
2007-08-14 Pierre HabouzitDisable many "stupid" CLI options or some that will...
2007-08-13 Pierre HabouzitMove the rest of mutt "things" into a window as well.
2007-08-13 Pierre Habouzitgetmax[xy] do that, even if obsolete, I don't care...
2007-08-13 Pierre HabouzitMake layout windows visible, makes the whole thing...
2007-08-13 Pierre HabouzitFinal simplifications of the sidebar module.
2007-08-12 Pierre HabouzitFix sidebar to always show ^.
2007-08-12 Pierre HabouzitCleanse po/* directory a bit
2007-08-11 Pierre HabouzitNow I know why : it causes flickering
2007-08-11 Pierre HabouzitSimplify the sidebar patch.
2007-08-11 Pierre HabouzitMake the sidebar live in a proper independent window.
2007-08-11 Pierre HabouzitHave a lib-ui/lib-ui.h
2007-08-11 Pierre HabouzitMove more things about stdscr in lib-ui.
2007-08-11 Pierre Habouzituseless blanking
2007-08-11 Pierre HabouzitDrop mixmaster support. I don't like people caring...
2007-08-11 Pierre HabouzitDo not use implicit ncurses functions, now we can grep...
2007-08-11 Pierre HabouzitLet ncurses deal with that properly.
2007-08-11 Pierre Habouzitleftovers
2007-08-11 Pierre HabouzitRemove useless options and tests.
2007-08-11 Pierre Habouzitminor fixes
2007-08-11 Pierre Habouzitleftovers
2007-08-11 Pierre HabouzitReal men don't need the stupid silly help on top/bottom...
2007-08-11 Pierre HabouzitUse booleans, hide stupid private flag.
2007-08-11 Pierre HabouzitRemove support for antiquated ncurses libraries. Assume...
2007-08-11 Pierre Habouzitget rid of slang
2007-06-10 Pierre HabouzitWe want to initialize shorthost before hostname.
2007-05-28 Pierre Habouzitmany simplifications, cosmetics.
2007-05-28 Pierre Habouzitregressions
2007-05-28 Pierre Habouzitleftover
2007-05-28 Pierre Habouzitremove dead strings.
2007-05-28 Pierre HabouzitUpdate po files and build system wrt it.
2007-05-28 Pierre Habouzitsimplifications.
2007-05-28 Pierre Habouzitconst, style
2007-05-28 Pierre Habouzitstyle
2007-05-28 Pierre Habouzitdon't resize the hash, 32k elements are way enough.
2007-05-28 Pierre Habouzitfix parsing issues in slurp_newsrc