2006-11-17 Julien DanjouSimplify sidebar code
2006-11-17 Julien DanjouRemove useless imap_cmd_running()
2006-11-17 Julien DanjouRemove useless var
2006-11-17 Julien DanjouFix a bug when changing folder
2006-11-17 Julien DanjouFix multiple compilation warnings
2006-11-17 Julien DanjouRename pop_query_d to pop_query and remove useless arg
2006-11-17 Pierre Habouzitno warnings in lib-sys anymore
2006-11-17 Julien DanjouFix compilation warnings in crypt-gpgme.c, cryptglue...
2006-11-17 Julien DanjouFix compilation warnings in pgp.c
2006-11-17 Pierre Habouzitremove a whole lot of #include mutt.h
2006-11-17 Pierre Habouzitmore simplifications.
2006-11-17 Pierre Habouzitfix compilation
2006-11-17 Pierre Habouzitwibble.
2006-11-17 Pierre Habouzitmore include simplifications
2006-11-17 Pierre Habouzitrationnalize includes a lot:
2006-11-16 Pierre Habouzitsort out some prototypes, put them where they belong.
2006-11-16 Pierre Habouzitoopsie
2006-11-16 Pierre Habouzitmove more files.
2006-11-16 Pierre Habouzitmove more things in the lib-ui.
2006-11-16 Pierre Habouzitnext_word is m_strnextsp
2006-11-16 Pierre Habouzitmake charset_canonicalize set the answer to "us-ascii...
2006-11-16 Pierre Habouzitconfigure fixes.
2006-11-16 Pierre Habouzitremove unused code, simplifications, missing include
2006-11-16 Pierre Habouzitsome dead code, old things, fix idna *again*
2006-11-16 Pierre Habouzitmove more things in the lib-mime
2006-11-16 Pierre Habouzitsimplify some bits of code, also simplify includes.
2006-11-16 Pierre Habouzitctors/dtors for BODY's
2006-11-16 Pierre Habouzitmove all the parameter related functions into the lib...
2006-11-15 Pierre Habouzitmove mutt_get_parameter -> parameter_getval into mime.c
2006-11-15 Julien DanjouFix compilation warnings in compose.c and init.c
2006-11-15 Julien DanjouFix compilation warnings un buffy.c and command.c
2006-11-15 Julien DanjouFix compilation warnings and code clean up
2006-11-15 Julien DanjouFix compilation errors
2006-11-15 Pierre Habouzitmake mutt_body_free a bit more mad-friendly
2006-11-15 Pierre Habouzituse more ad-hoc list handling function, and avoid to...
2006-11-15 Pierre Habouzitsmall optims.
2006-11-15 Pierre Habouzitfix segfault in hcache due to bad typing.
2006-11-15 Pierre Habouzitoops :)
2006-11-15 Pierre Habouzituse an enum, that's cleaner
2006-11-15 Pierre Habouzitfinish the "read" of charset.c
2006-11-14 Pierre Habouzitmany simplifications, copyright statements.
2006-11-14 Pierre Habouzitmore charset improvements.
2006-11-14 Pierre Habouzitoopsie, small fixes.
2006-11-14 Pierre Habouzituse gperf for the charsets as well.
2006-11-14 Pierre Habouzitmake the generation of mime-token.[hc] a bit more efffi...
2006-11-14 Pierre Habouzitsimplify charset and things in the sockets API.
2006-11-14 Pierre Habouzitmore autoconf simplifications.
2006-11-14 Pierre Habouzitcontinue the configure simplifications.
2006-11-14 Pierre Habouzitmove some files around.
2006-11-14 Pierre Habouzitdrop the ad-hoc TZ parse, non-rfc822 compliant dates...
2006-11-14 Pierre Habouzitbegin to rework mailcap parsing a "bit".
2006-11-13 Pierre Habouzitplease, libidn has not changed in years now
2006-11-13 Pierre Habouzitdead code
2006-11-13 Pierre Habouzitremove most of the debug code: often makes the code...
2006-11-13 Pierre Habouzitcontinue the include dance
2006-11-13 Pierre Habouzitrework includes a bit
2006-11-13 Pierre Habouzitcandy: make wc
2006-11-13 Pierre Habouzitremove oldies.
2006-11-13 Julien DanjouFix a bunch of warnings in imap code
2006-11-13 Julien DanjouMoody patch fixing compilation warnings
2006-11-13 Julien DanjouFix a compilation error with gdbm
2006-11-13 Julien DanjouChange #if by #ifdef in mutt.h
2006-11-13 Pierre Habouzitand less size_t's
2006-11-13 Pierre Habouzita whole lot of size_t -> ssize_t.
2006-11-13 Pierre Habouzitnot having wide chars is soooo 90, please, I *really...
2006-11-13 Pierre Habouzitmake taht shorter
2006-11-13 Pierre Habouzitmove some global settings into alias.c where it belongs.
2006-11-13 Pierre Habouzitcopyright statements
2006-11-13 Pierre Habouzitmore rationalization.
2006-11-13 Pierre Habouzitrationalize list handling in mutt a bit.
2006-11-13 Pierre Habouzitsimplify alias expansion a lot.
2006-11-12 Pierre Habouzitmake some functions a bit shorter.
2006-11-12 Pierre Habouzitbegin to work on alias.[hc]
2006-11-12 Pierre Habouzitmove url.[hc] into the lib-lib.
2006-11-12 Pierre Habouzitmove history in lib-ui
2006-11-12 Pierre Habouzitmove resize.c into lib-ui.
2006-11-12 Pierre Habouzitoops, bad formula
2006-11-12 Pierre Habouzitreimplement getdnsdomainname
2006-11-12 Pierre Habouzitexit system.c, mutt_system goes into lib-sys/
2006-11-12 Pierre Habouzitmove signal.c into lib/sys
2006-11-12 Pierre Habouzitreimplement mutt_gecos_name.
2006-11-12 Pierre Habouzitadd m_strchrnul that does what GNU strchrnul does:...
2006-11-12 Pierre Habouzitremove some cruft
2006-11-12 Pierre Habouzitmove mutt_strsysexit into lib-sys/exit.[hc]
2006-11-12 Pierre Habouzitlib-network -> lib-sys.
2006-11-12 Pierre Habouzitmove a function into rx.[hc]
2006-11-11 Pierre Habouzitfix mutt compilation, that's ugly, but it works for now
2006-11-11 Pierre Habouzitmove rx.[hc].
2006-11-11 Pierre Habouzitmove debug.c
2006-11-11 Pierre Habouzitlib-network
2006-11-11 Pierre Habouzitncurse 4.2 hahaha \o/
2006-11-10 Julien DanjouRemove included regex lib
2006-11-09 Pierre Habouzitmove menu.[hc].
2006-11-09 Pierre Habouzitp_clear should not be used with sizeof but *countof*
2006-11-09 Pierre Habouzitmove the last crypt-* things into lib-crypt, adapt...
2006-11-08 Pierre Habouzitmove more files.
2006-11-08 Pierre Habouzitbegin to move ui code into the lib-ui
2006-11-08 Pierre Habouzitfinal cleansing
2006-11-08 Pierre Habouzitsome muttbug remains
2006-11-08 Pierre Habouzitremove fleang and other tools like that.