2006-11-03 Pierre Habouzitfix signedness issues.
2006-11-03 Pierre HabouzitPatch from Julien danjou: fix a couple of compilation...
2006-11-03 Pierre Habouzitooops, make it compile again.
2006-11-03 Pierre Habouzitmove rfc2047.c into lib-mime, reindent it.
2006-11-03 Pierre Habouzitbegin to move rfc2047 into lib-mime.
2006-11-03 Pierre Habouzitwibble.
2006-11-03 Pierre Habouzitrfc822 final touch
2006-11-03 Pierre Habouziteven better and simpler parser.
2006-11-03 Pierre Habouzitforgotten debug
2006-11-03 Pierre Habouzitsimplify rfc822 parsing *A LOT*
2006-11-02 Pierre Habouzitmake address functions a lot better, and less error...
2006-11-02 Pierre Habouzitmore useful list primitives
2006-11-02 Pierre Habouzitmissing include
2006-11-02 Pierre Habouzitadd some list functions.
2006-11-02 Pierre Habouzituse my usual API's for allocation/deallocation right...
2006-11-02 Pierre HabouzitADDRESS -> address_t
2006-11-02 Pierre Habouzitmove rfc822.c as well
2006-11-02 Pierre Habouzitbrand new flag, to spot a whole lot of new errors.
2006-11-02 Pierre Habouzitforgotten add.
2006-11-02 Pierre Habouzitlot of restructurations. work in progress, *but* it...
2006-11-02 Pierre Habouzitadd more encoding arrays
2006-11-01 Pierre Habouzitmore work in the lib-mime. begin to "rewr^H^Had" the...
2006-11-01 Pierre Habouzitmacros to create usual functions : new/delete and init...
2006-11-01 Pierre Habouzitset our own cflags, I don't care about -pedantic
2006-11-01 Pierre Habouzitbegin to work on a lib-mime that will hold most of...
2006-11-01 Pierre Habouzitthe C gods blessed us with a preprocessor, use it.
2006-11-01 Pierre Habouzitmappings as standalone module
2006-10-31 Pierre HabouzitI don't care about the release date.
2006-10-31 Pierre Habouzitindent is a fool
2006-10-31 Pierre Habouzitpush more things in the str lib.
2006-10-31 Pierre Habouzitmove some decoding functions right into the str module...
2006-10-30 Pierre Habouzitreplace SKIPWS with a proper inline func with the right...
2006-10-30 Pierre Habouzitunused, drop
2006-10-30 Pierre Habouzitexit strfcpy, only use m_strcpy.
2006-10-30 Pierre Habouzitremove yet anoter round of str_* functions, replaced...
2006-10-30 Pierre Habouzitfix sidebar counters.
2006-10-30 Pierre Habouzitmake m_dupstr return NULL if the string was empty.
2006-10-30 Pierre Habouzitmake code more readable.
2006-10-30 Pierre Habouzitdrop str_[n]cat.
2006-10-30 Pierre Habouzitless horrible strncpy's
2006-10-30 Pierre Habouzitfix regression, propably due to some changes in the...
2006-10-30 Pierre Habouzitmissing file
2006-10-29 Pierre Habouzitrevamp lib.[hc] functions into lib-lib/file.[hc].
2006-10-29 Pierre HabouzitFOREVER is of very bad taste, use for (;;)
2006-10-29 Pierre Habouzitcreate a lib-hash.a with sha1 and md5.
2006-10-29 Pierre Habouzitmove list.[hc] into lib-lib.
2006-10-29 Pierre Habouzitexit str_cmp enters m_strcmp
2006-10-29 Pierre Habouzitmove hash.[hc] into lib-lib/
2006-10-29 Pierre Habouzitmove buffer.[hc] into lib-lib/
2006-10-29 Pierre Habouzitreindent and optimizations in BUFFER* struct.
2006-10-29 Pierre Habouzituse safer p_clear when possible.
2006-10-29 Pierre Habouzitxterm.c was absurd, no need to put trivial functions...
2006-10-29 Pierre Habouzitlicense statements.
2006-10-29 Pierre Habouzitmove ascii.* into the lib-lib.
2006-10-29 Pierre Habouzituse m_strdup and m_strlen that are inlined for efficiency
2006-10-29 Pierre Habouzitsmall fix
2006-10-29 Pierre Habouzitmore updates in the build system, gettext related.
2006-10-29 Pierre Habouzitupdate gettext
2006-10-29 Pierre Habouzitmove intl.h into lib-lib/macros.h
2006-10-29 Pierre Habouzitoops, makedoc is used in the build process.
2006-10-29 Pierre Habouzitwe don't use strdup in mutt sources anymore, remove...
2006-10-29 Pierre Habouzitupdate gettext copy.
2006-10-29 Pierre Habouzitexit mem_realloc, enters p_realloc/xrealloc.
2006-10-29 Pierre Habouzitfix regressions
2006-10-28 Pierre Habouzitfix segfault
2006-10-28 Pierre Habouzitmem_calloc -> p_new
2006-10-28 Pierre Habouzitdrop mem_alloc and mem_free, use my own hand crafted...
2006-10-28 Pierre Habouzitmissing includes, intializers, consts
2006-10-28 Pierre Habouzitforce our cflags in subdirs as well.
2006-10-28 Pierre Habouzitless warnings
2006-10-28 Pierre Habouzitfix a segfault introduced by some nasty const /o\
2006-10-28 Pierre Habouzitmore constness.
2006-10-28 Pierre Habouzitmissing 'WHERE' aka missing extern.
2006-10-28 Pierre Habouzitmore fixes
2006-10-28 Pierre Habouzitwe're grownups now. don't care about stupid OS'es that...
2006-10-28 Pierre Habouzituse a proper "hack" for iconv functions:
2006-10-27 Pierre Habouzitthe “I found my first real bug” commit.
2006-10-27 Pierre Habouzitwarning fixes
2006-10-27 Pierre Habouzitupdates, use compiler warnings, we have a good one...
2006-10-27 Pierre Habouzitmore and more cleansing
2006-10-27 Pierre Habouzitremove patchlist things, and more generated and commite...
2006-10-27 Pierre Habouzitconfigure with almost all options set
2006-10-27 Pierre Habouzitremove cruft from the repo.
2006-10-27 Pierre Habouzitclean repo
2006-04-29 nionNico Golde: git-svn
2006-04-27 nionNico Golde:
2006-04-05 pdmefRocco Rutte:
2006-04-04 pdmefFrom: Arnaud Lacombe <>
2006-04-04 pdmefFrom: Arnaud Lacombe <>
2006-04-04 pdmefFrom: Arnaud Lacombe <>
2006-04-03 pdmefRocco Rutte:
2006-03-31 pdmefFrom: Olivier Fredj <>
2006-03-23 pdmefRocco Rutte:
2006-03-23 pdmefRocco Rutte:
2006-03-23 pdmefRocco Rutte:
2006-03-23 pdmefRocco Rutte:
2006-03-23 pdmefFrom: Konstantin Sobolev <>
2006-03-14 pdmefFrom: Lars Noschinski <>
2006-02-27 pdmefRocco Rutte:
2006-02-26 pdmefRocco Rutte: