2008-03-26 Pierre Habouzitfixes init script for non ipv6 enabled systems #472755 debian-sid debian-sid/2.3.14-7
2008-03-24 Pierre Habouzitdebian/control updates debian-sid/2.3.14-6
2008-03-24 Pierre Habouzituse the new flag by default
2008-03-24 Pierre Habouzitadd an inetd_ipv6 mode
2007-11-29 Pierre HabouzitCloses 453371 debian-sid/2.3.14-5
2007-11-28 Pierre Habouzitrelease. debian-sid/2.3.14-4
2007-11-28 Pierre HabouzitREADME.Debian updates.
2007-11-28 Pierre HabouzitDon't force inetd_compat for upgrades.
2007-11-28 Pierre HabouzitDon't purge conffiles that aren't ours.
2007-11-28 Pierre HabouzitFix /etc/xinetd.d/discard
2007-11-28 Pierre HabouzitWoops, typo in the filename
2007-11-28 Pierre HabouzitAdd new patch.
2007-11-27 Pierre Habouzitadd NEWS.Debian
2007-11-27 Pierre Habouzitupdate README.DEbian
2007-11-26 Pierre Habouzitheh, avoid lintian false warning.
2007-11-26 Pierre HabouzitPrepare next upload.
2007-11-26 Pierre HabouzitLSB init script
2007-11-26 Pierre Habouzitprepare the lets be a superserver release.
2007-11-26 Pierre HabouzitMerge all in -2 after all, since I b0rked my upload.
2007-11-26 Pierre HabouzitCloses #413997
2007-11-26 Pierre Habouzitcloses #414288
2007-11-26 Pierre HabouzitCloses #379400
2007-11-26 Pierre HabouzitAlways use up to date config.*
2007-11-26 Pierre Habouzitrelease.
2007-11-26 Pierre Habouzitplug patch properly
2007-11-26 Pierre Habouzitfix install paths
2007-11-26 Pierre Habouzitmake install of config files more straightforward.
2007-11-26 Pierre Habouzitprepare upload
2007-11-26 Pierre HabouzitRefresh patches.
2007-11-26 Pierre HabouzitMake the debian/rules a bit more modern
2007-11-26 Pierre HabouzitImport previous packager work.
2007-11-26 Pierre HabouzitImport upstream 2.3.14 upstream