[apps/madmutt.git] / nntp.c
2007-05-28 Pierre Habouzitsimplifications.
2007-05-28 Pierre Habouzitstyle
2007-05-28 Pierre Habouzitdon't resize the hash, 32k elements are way enough.
2007-05-28 Pierre Habouzitfix parsing issues in slurp_newsrc
2007-05-28 Pierre Habouzitremove option OPTSAVEUNSUB. This sucks, writing 2Mo...
2007-05-28 Pierre Habouzitremove OPTNEWSCACHE, style.
2007-05-28 Pierre HabouzitHave a centralized cache directory.
2007-05-27 Pierre Habouzitfixes and simplifications
2007-05-27 Pierre HabouzitGetting rid of useless settings.
2007-05-27 Pierre Habouzitstyle
2007-05-27 Pierre Habouzitsimplify newsrc parsing
2007-05-27 Pierre Habouzitpurge nonsensical code, and use buffers instead
2007-05-27 Pierre Habouzituse nntp_data_new and stop hiding the group in the...
2007-05-27 Pierre HabouzitDeep rework of nntp_data_t (ex-NNTP_DATA) to make it...
2007-05-27 Pierre Habouzitmerge all nntp code in nntp.c and move it toplevel
2005-03-19 pdmefRocco Rutte:
2005-03-18 pdmefRocco Rutte:
2005-03-18 pdmefRocco Rutte:
2005-03-18 ak1Andreas Krennmair:
2005-03-13 pdmefRocco Rutte:
2005-03-02 pdmefRocco Rutte:
2005-02-14 ak1Andreas Krennmair:
2005-01-07 ak1Initial import of mutt-ng.