2007-05-17 Pierre Habouzitleftover
2007-05-17 Pierre Habouzitthis is now useless
2007-05-17 Pierre HabouzitI'm tired of that. madmutt needs a glibc, so what...
2007-05-17 Pierre Habouzitfew tweaks about changed defines.
2007-05-17 Pierre HabouzitCheckStructMember to check for dirent.d_ino
2007-05-17 Pierre Habouzitfix warnings.
2007-05-17 Pierre HabouzitI don't understand how I missed that before...
2007-05-17 Pierre HabouzitEXIT AUTOCRAP \o/
2007-05-16 Pierre Habouzituse buffers instead of realloc-ed string. makes code...
2007-05-16 Pierre Habouzitfix bugs when buffer is empty.
2007-05-16 Pierre Habouzitwe have buffers, add an API to readln directly in a...
2007-05-16 Pierre Habouzitpop fixes.
2007-05-16 Pierre Habouzitfix regression introduced in 73359dc55ff8f4da32149f7270...
2007-05-15 Pierre Habouzitsimplify pop_query further.
2007-05-15 Pierre Habouzitsimplify pop_query, letting it do the snprintf and...
2007-05-15 Pierre Habouzitreinstate cmd_user, and continue to simplify pop code.
2007-05-14 Pierre HabouzitSimplify pop code further.
2007-05-14 Pierre Habouzitreorder code a bit.
2007-05-14 Pierre Habouzitthere is absolutely *NO* reason for a separate pop...
2007-05-14 Pierre Habouzitmuch shorter.
2007-05-14 Pierre Habouzitstupid error.
2007-05-14 Pierre Habouzitignores
2007-05-14 Pierre Habouzitremove cruft
2007-05-14 Pierre Habouzitmore setupts in cfg.lua
2007-05-14 Pierre Habouzitfix stupid typo
2007-05-13 Pierre Habouzitforget about m4/Makefile.*
2007-05-13 Pierre Habouzit*ooops* spurious static ... readd dump_int
2007-05-13 Pierre Habouzitfixes, simplifictions
2007-05-13 Pierre HabouzitMove many things to the crypt module \o/
2007-05-13 Pierre Habouzitfix stupid regression in hcache patch
2007-05-13 Pierre Habouzitsmall fixes
2007-05-13 Pierre Habouzitcreate mod_ssl.
2007-05-13 Pierre Habouzitprepare the ssl module.
2007-05-13 Pierre Habouzitstyle.
2007-05-13 Pierre Habouzitcleanups.
2007-05-13 Pierre Habouzitrationalize mh_sequences code.
2007-05-13 Pierre Habouzituseless options, cluttering the codebase that can be...
2007-05-13 Pierre Habouzitremove antiquated cruft: please, who use MMDF's nowadays ?!
2007-05-13 Pierre Habouzitcode simplifications.
2007-05-13 Pierre Habouzitrationalize the hcache patch.
2007-05-12 Pierre Habouzitsimplify hcache yet a bit more.
2007-05-12 Pierre Habouzitwe don't really need md5 for hcache at all.
2007-05-12 Pierre HabouzitBDB suck hard. in a GNU env, we will at least have...
2007-05-12 Pierre Habouzitqdbm.pc is sooo wrong...
2007-05-12 Pierre Habouzitthere is no real need for a lib-hash anymore. fold it.
2007-05-12 Pierre Habouzitsha is not used anymore.
2007-05-12 Pierre Habouzitwibble
2007-05-12 Pierre Habouzitrework some things with sasl.
2007-05-12 Pierre Habouzitmissing bits.
2007-05-12 Pierre Habouzitmore autofuck simplifications
2007-05-12 Pierre Habouzitautoconf cleanups.
2007-05-12 Pierre Habouzitgetaddrinfo shall exist on any modern platform madmutt...
2007-05-12 Pierre Habouzitfix configure script to avoid polluting LDFLAGS/LIBS...
2007-05-12 Pierre Habouzitdrop openssl support as well, only use GNUTLS.
2007-05-12 Pierre Habouzitsimplifications.
2007-05-12 Pierre Habouzitcruft
2007-05-12 Pierre Habouzitmerge many things in auth.c
2007-05-12 Pierre Habouzitfurther unclutter.
2007-05-12 Pierre HabouzitMerge branch 'master' of pan:/git/madmutt
2007-05-12 Pierre Habouzitdrop gss as well.
2007-05-12 Pierre Habouzitdrop GSS as well, users will have to use correctly...
2007-05-12 Pierre HabouzitImpose the use of SASL2, so that we can drop a lot...
2007-04-30 Pierre Habouzitbetter debug symbols
2007-04-14 Pierre HabouzitMerge branch 'master' of pan:/git/madmutt
2007-04-14 Pierre Habouzitremove useless setting (will be scriptable at some...
2007-04-12 Pierre Habouzitfix segfault when gpg is not present.
2007-04-10 Pierre Habouzituse enums, it's way better :)
2007-04-10 Pierre Habouzitrename mutt_libesmtp -> send_smtp
2007-04-10 Pierre HabouzitBuild system simplifications.
2007-04-09 Pierre Habouzitfix idn support properly
2007-04-09 Pierre HabouzitRepository cleanse.
2007-04-09 Pierre Habouzitreally remove doc/
2007-04-09 Pierre Habouzitmakedoc won't work anymore.
2007-04-09 Pierre Habouzitremove old lib.[hc]
2007-04-09 Pierre Habouzitdrop !builtin pager, sucks badly, and I plan to improve...
2007-04-09 Pierre Habouzitforgot the
2007-04-09 Pierre Habouzitremove old pile of crap and cruft
2007-04-09 Pierre Habouzituseless
2007-04-07 Pierre Habouzitfurther crypt enhancements.
2007-04-07 Pierre Habouzitproperly rewrite body_to_data_object: we must _add_...
2007-04-06 Pierre Habouzitvarious rewrites and cleanups.
2007-04-05 Pierre HabouzitDrop useless functions with gpgme (auto import is a...
2007-04-05 Pierre Habouzitwibble
2007-04-05 Pierre Habouzitremove more obsolete options.
2007-04-04 Pierre HabouzitMore simplification and prototype hiding
2007-04-04 Pierre Habouzitmerge crypt back into $top_builddir :)
2007-04-04 Pierre Habouzitdrop unused prototypes
2007-04-04 Pierre Habouzitmore crypt simplifications
2007-04-03 Pierre Habouzitmore simplifications. also fix gpgme crypt menu
2007-04-03 Pierre Habouzitold disabled code
2007-04-03 Pierre Habouzitrefactor import_keys to take directly an open file.
2007-04-03 Pierre Habouzitremove cryptglue.c
2007-04-03 Pierre Habouzitworkaround
2007-04-03 Pierre Habouzitspaces
2007-04-03 Pierre Habouzitwe don't want this warning, as it is default now, and...
2007-04-02 Pierre Habouzitdrop lots of old fashionned crypt settings.
2007-04-02 Pierre Habouzitand even less cruft.
2007-04-02 Pierre Habouzittake more cruft to the bin
2007-04-02 Pierre Habouzitcruft--
2007-04-02 Pierre Habouzitdrop even more stupid glue.