2006-11-30 Pierre Habouzitcosmetics
2006-11-30 Pierre Habouzitcosmetics
2006-11-30 Pierre Habouzitcosmetics
2006-11-30 Pierre Habouzitcosmetics++
2006-11-30 Pierre Habouzitcosmetics
2006-11-30 Pierre Habouzitsome simplifications.
2006-11-30 Pierre Habouzitsimplifications
2006-11-29 Pierre Habouzitsmall detail in m_dirname.
2006-11-29 Pierre Habouzitadd m_dirname that implement a non broken libgen-like...
2006-11-29 Pierre Habouzitsimplifications around mutt_is_message_type
2006-11-29 Pierre Habouzitpost ? -post : 0
2006-11-29 Pierre Habouzitvarious code simplifications.
2006-11-28 Pierre Habouzitmake some code yet more simple, using the VERY good...
2006-11-28 Pierre Habouzitremove reallocs, free and fix makedoc compilation
2006-11-28 Pierre Habouzitthat was in fact a memcpy, nice try
2006-11-28 Julien DanjouUse good m_ functions, because it smell like a flower...
2006-11-28 Pierre Habouzit"gpg-sign" is not a valid token, this was a typo.
2006-11-27 Pierre Habouzitforce rfc2047_parameters to be set to yes, and non...
2006-11-26 Julien DanjouUse m_functions(), you'll be fresh-faced.
2006-11-26 Pierre Habouzitremove a mutt-ng thing that makes no sense at all.
2006-11-26 Pierre Habouzitlots of simplifications.
2006-11-26 Pierre Habouzitmore automake stuff
2006-11-26 Pierre Habouzitmore tweaks and fixes.
2006-11-26 Pierre Habouzitbuild system tweaks.
2006-11-26 Pierre Habouzitalways build support for mixmaster.
2006-11-26 Pierre Habouzitsome code simplifications.
2006-11-26 Julien DanjouRemove unused code
2006-11-26 Julien DanjouUse m_strncmp instead of strncmp
2006-11-26 Julien Danjoum_strisempty is better, isn't it ?
2006-11-26 Pierre Habouzitsimplify mutt_write_references.
2006-11-26 Pierre Habouzitmake mutt_match_spam_list a generic rx function: rx_lis...
2006-11-26 Pierre Habouzitmove more functions in file.c
2006-11-26 Pierre Habouzitmutt_expand_file_fmt -> m_quotefile_fmt in file.c
2006-11-26 Pierre Habouzitwibble.
2006-11-26 Julien DanjouUse better error msgs for tempfile
2006-11-26 Julien DanjouBetter error msg in gpgme
2006-11-26 Julien DanjouUse bette error msg too
2006-11-26 Julien DanjouReplace mutt_perror with good error msgs
2006-11-26 Julien DanjouTag unused attributes
2006-11-26 Julien DanjouKill shadow declaratin of brk
2006-11-26 Julien DanjouTag unused and kill mktemp
2006-11-26 Julien DanjouFix shadow declaration and tag unused attribute
2006-11-26 Julien DanjouMark unused attributes
2006-11-26 Julien DanjouMark flags as unused
2006-11-26 Julien DanjouKill another mktemp
2006-11-26 Julien Danjoumutt_*mktemp--
2006-11-26 Julien DanjouUse m_tempfile and better errors msg
2006-11-26 Julien DanjouFix typo
2006-11-26 Julien DanjouUse m_tempfile()
2006-11-25 Pierre Habouzitget the sloccount under 63000 lines :P
2006-11-25 Pierre Habouzitwibble
2006-11-25 Pierre Habouzitdrop the stupid xterm.h header.
2006-11-25 Pierre Habouzitvarious fixes, remove an adv_mktemp
2006-11-25 Pierre Habouzitfclose -> m_fclose
2006-11-25 Julien DanjouUse m_tempfile instead of mutt_mktemp (again and again)
2006-11-25 Pierre Habouzitsmall fixes, style and cosmetics.
2006-11-25 Julien DanjouUse m_tempfile instead of mutt_mktemp
2006-11-24 Pierre Habouzitsafe_fclose -> m_fclose, and is now inlined.
2006-11-24 Pierre Habouzitrevert bogus patch part.
2006-11-24 Julien DanjouClean up code and use m_tempfile instead of mutt_mktemp
2006-11-24 Pierre Habouzitremove some mutt_mktemp
2006-11-24 Pierre HabouzitI'm such a fool
2006-11-24 Pierre Habouzitsmall leftover
2006-11-24 Julien DanjouUse m_tempfile instead of mutt_mktemp
2006-11-24 Julien DanjouUse m_tempfile instead of mutt_mktemp
2006-11-24 Pierre Habouzitmutt_mktemp--
2006-11-24 Pierre Habouzitput old m_snsubst into file.c as m_file_fmt.
2006-11-24 Pierre Habouzitfix completely braindead rfc2047 parsing, that choke...
2006-11-19 Pierre Habouzitfix regression in mutt_is_application_pgp \o/
2006-11-19 Julien DanjouFix regression with comma handling in buffy
2006-11-19 Pierre Habouzitexit SPAM_LIST, just extend rx_t with the needed inform...
2006-11-19 Pierre Habouzitmove functions around.
2006-11-19 Pierre Habouzitsimplify mutt_expand_path
2006-11-18 Pierre Habouzitsimplifications
2006-11-18 Pierre Habouzitstatics
2006-11-18 Pierre Habouzitremove -Inntp
2006-11-18 Pierre Habouzitsmall rewrites
2006-11-18 Pierre Habouzitsimplifications.
2006-11-18 Pierre Habouzithide one more function
2006-11-18 Pierre Habouzitdetails
2006-11-18 Pierre Habouzitcreate the lib-mx now
2006-11-18 Pierre Habouzitrework compress_info type a bit.
2006-11-18 Pierre Habouzithide some useless things
2006-11-18 Pierre Habouzitremove mx_{pop,nntp,imap}.[hc]
2006-11-18 Pierre Habouzitwe always want to DOTLOCK mboxes.
2006-11-18 Pierre Habouzitremove useless things
2006-11-18 Pierre Habouzit*oops* I forgot to add those.
2006-11-18 Pierre Habouzitdrop the horrible list2_t for good.
2006-11-18 Pierre HabouzitI don't care about systems where atimes are broken.
2006-11-18 Pierre Habouzitlist2_t --
2006-11-18 Pierre Habouzitmake the dump be an almost valid .rc file.
2006-11-18 Pierre Habouzitlist2_t --
2006-11-18 Pierre Habouzitlist2_t --
2006-11-18 Pierre Habouzitdrop list2_t from sendlib.c as well.
2006-11-18 Pierre Habouzitno more list2_t for mx's anymore either.
2006-11-18 Julien DanjouClean buffy.c and init.c
2006-11-18 Pierre Habouzitmake rx_t be chaine-able so that we can get rid of...
2006-11-18 Pierre Habouzitmissing statics
2006-11-18 Pierre Habouzitmerge OPS that do not need to be split anymore.
2006-11-17 Pierre Habouzitless warnigs