descriptionthe Linux Pthread WorkQueue Regulator: experimental code
ownerPierre Habouzit
last changeSun, 15 Jan 2012 20:59:27 +0000 (21:59 +0100)
2012-01-15 Pierre HabouzitImprove documentation, improve has_pollin handling. master
2012-01-15 Pierre Habouzitimprove tester
2012-01-15 Pierre Habouzitfix a few more bugs detected by the simple tester.
2012-01-15 Pierre HabouzitFix poll, thanks to the simple test program.
2012-01-15 Pierre HabouzitAdd stupid tests.
2012-01-15 Pierre Habouzitstreamlining.
2012-01-15 Pierre HabouzitUpdate the lib to include polling on the pwqrfd.
2012-01-15 Pierre Habouzitimplement poll and read
2012-01-15 Pierre Habouzitdo not forbid other processes to use the pwqr fd.
2012-01-15 Pierre HabouzitPrepare code to plug the overcommit notification.
2012-01-14 Pierre Habouzitcheck the `addr` argument for PWQ_WAIT is aligned to...
2012-01-14 Pierre Habouzitfix asciidoc
2012-01-14 Pierre Habouzitrework the quarantine: it doesn't really need to be...
2012-01-14 Pierre HabouzitImplement the reluctancy to unpark threads.
2012-01-14 Pierre Habouzittypo
2012-01-14 Pierre HabouzitWrite some nice documentation about the design and...
11 years ago master