descriptionTerminal in a terminal
ownerPierre Habouzit
last changeSun, 3 Feb 2008 18:10:54 +0000 (19:10 +0100)
2008-02-03 Pierre Habouzitgcc says those values are out of bounds master
2008-02-03 Marc Andre... Add a way to associate custom data with a madtty term.
2008-02-03 Marc Andre... Add the possibility to register custom escape sequence...
2008-02-03 Marc Andre... Fix compilation on NetBSD.
2007-12-30 Pierre HabouzitUse nl_langinfo properly to detect if the charset is...
2007-12-29 Pierre HabouzitFixes wrt default colors use.
2007-12-29 Marc Andre... Correctly display vt100 graphics in non UTF-8 locales.
2007-12-29 Marc Andre... Fix resize bug.
2007-12-29 Marc Andre... Fix compilation on Free and OpenBSD.
2007-11-10 Pierre Habouzitdebug
2007-11-10 Pierre HabouzitFix madtty_color_pair for terms with only 8 colors.
2007-11-10 Pierre Habouzitmadtty only need to control colors, let the caller...
2007-11-10 Pierre HabouzitCode cleansing
2007-11-10 Pierre HabouzitHave a slightly more efficient event loop.
2007-11-10 Pierre HabouzitSupport resizing
2007-11-09 Pierre HabouzitFix color initialization, we can recurse into ourselves...
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